Fastest ways to become a Software Developer

Today I want to talk about a topic that has been coming up a lot recently. A lot of questions have been asked on how to break into the software development profession if you do not have a computer Science Degree.

Let’s say you graduated as a Lawyer or a Doctor “Is it possible to break into the software development career? And the answer is, Yes.

There are so many job demands out there and not enough supplies. So in an environment like that, it is certainly possible for a student with a computer science degree to acquire the skills of software development and also secure a job for him/herself.

Tips that can help you break into the software development career;

In my opinion, there are three measure areas in IT that you can focus on at least, one of these three because it is difficult to focus on all at the same time.

One of the obvious paths to follow is;

SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT-  This software development track, in my opinion, is a challenging track for someone that those not have a computer science degree. Because it requires you to know a couple of programming languages like;

  • Java
  • Python
  • PHP
  • HTML
  • CSS

If you do not have knowledge of computer science, it might probably take you 2-3 years of consistent hard work to finally understand the programming languages listed about and be able to secure your self a job as a Software Developer.

The lowest and easiest entry into the software developer career by having knowledge of


As we all know, data is key and it is very important in any company or career because it is the largest asset a company has so it is very important.

However, to break into the Database you need to have knowledge of SQL.

SQL (Structured Query Language): This is program interaction language, and it is the primary language used to interact with databases. Along with the Structured Query Language, you can also learn a reporting tool such as TABLUE.

Therefore, With the combination of SQL and Tablue you are employable because there is high demand for people with these skills by Big Companies out there.


For someone who can dedicate 6-7 hours daily for about 3 months can acquire the skills and be employable.

Two months.

Six or Seven hours’ daily


One Month.

Six or Seven hours’ daily



 Trust me! A lot of people are doing this and securing a job without even a Computer Science degree. Therefore it is the lowest barrier for breaking into the software developer profession.

The third path to follow is;


This is also a great lucrative field

What do you think?

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