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Smartphones have undeniably become a significant part of our daily lives. They are able to perform the tasks a computer can do. Apart from making calls and sending SMS, you can also check mails, watch movies and shows, browse and use social media.

With a large array of smartphones available, it can be very stressful choosing the best one to suit your needs. This is why I have outlined a few factors to consider when buying a smartphone.

Factors to consider before choosing a Smartphone 

  1. Price and Budget

This is an unavoidable factor. Ensure that you stick to your budget when shopping for a smartphone. Good news is that there many great phones to suit any budget. I personally recommend Huawei phones.

2. Storage size

Different phones come with various memory storage. You have to pick one that can accommodate what you wish to store in the smartphone.

3. Operating System

The most prominent operating systems include Android, IOS and Windows. You should opt for whichever you think has a good UI and isn’t complicated for you. You wouldn’t want to get confused while using your smartphone.

4. Battery Life

Choice of battery is somewhat dependent on what you intend to use the smartphone for. For instance, a business man would need a phone with long battery life. You can also opt for phones with replaceable batteries so that you can move around with spares.

5. Processor and RAM

There are many processors used in smartphones. Terms like quad-core, dual-core and octa-core are used to describe processors. The more processors in a device, the better it performs. However iPhone devices use dual-core processors but are still better than some quad-core processor phones. As for RAM, always go for more as that means better all-round performance.

Other factors

7. Camera

A smartphone typically has a great camera but you should go for superior optics rather than higher resolution.

8. Connectivity

The standard for this is now 3G and 4G leaving 2G behind. This might not be so important to some people but for those who work online connectivity speed is very serious. As such you should opt for a smartphone that can satisfy your connection needs.

If you carefully look into all the above-mentioned factors I can assure you that you won’t regret your final smartphone decision.

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