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Factors to consider before picking a gaming console.


Stuck between buying a PlayStation or an Xbox? Haha I don’t blame you. Sony and Microsoft are one of the best at the business and it’s hard deciding what to pick. So here are a few factors to consider before¬† choosing a gaming console.

1. Game collection.

Both the PS4 and Xbox One have an awesome game library. With both having games like Apex Legends, Red Dead 2, Fortnite and Resident Evil 2 among others. However when it comes to a gaming library, PS4 beats Xbox as it has more exclusives. Examples include Spider-Man, God of War etc. So if you’re looking for a console with alotta games then the Sony product is for you.

2. Backwards compatibility.

This has to do with a console being able to play older games. With the Xbox one you can play games available on Xbox 360. Over 400 Xbox 360 are compatible with the Xbox One. This means you can play all your old favourites. Unlike the PS4 where only a few select games are playable. In this category Xbox takes the win.

3. Hardware.

In terms of hardware, the two come pretty close. Both have a sleek edgy design that can fit into a bag. They are also fitted with large storage(starting from 500GB) and option to upgrade. They vary in controllers however. PS4’s controller has a touchpad and reactive lightbar. And while PS4 supports microUSB charging, the Xbox has to rely on batteries. In addition, only the PS4 supports Virtual Reality.

Factors to consider before choosing a gaming console


4. Graphics and Performance.

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Some users want the best when it comes to game graphics. Both consoles come with an 8core x86-64 AMD jaguar processor and 8GB RAM. However, the PS4 is better in terms of resolution. It can run games at a full 1080p unlike the Xbox One that settles for 900p.

5. User-friendly interface.

Xbox has always had a messy UI making it hard for users to navigate. Even though it has improved, PS4 still remains easier to navigate and move around. The UI is amazingly user-friendly. PS4 wins here.

6. Value(Price).

In every buying decision, you have to watch your budget. The Xbox One S starts at $299 level with the PS4 slim. However, the Xbox One S doubles as a 4K Blu-ray player so that means more value for your money. Also, the Xbox One S All digital edition is available for those on a really tight budget. It starts at $249 and has no disc drive. This means you will rely on digitally downloaded games. All in all, the Xbox is more easy on the pocket.

There you have it, six key factors to consider before choosing a gaming console. Now you can go on Amazon and make your choice.  For more of our posts click here.



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