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The sluggish rollout of 5G technology had many hoping that the new technology would do away with problems faced in its predecessors. Unfortunately, new reports have indicated that 5G will be as prone and open to security threats as 4G. Even though their systems vary even their radio waves, the communication protocols used are identical. This means that the 5G will also be a victim of DoS attacks.


You might be wondering what DoS stands for. It is an acronym for Denial of Service. This occurs when a server is flooded with multiple illegitimate requests to an extent that real requests are not completed. DoS attacks are possible when the person responsible has a sort of automated system that will keep querying the host until it slows down or crashes eventually. A good example is a crowded store on sale, definitely hundreds will line up outside. However, only a handful would actually want to buy something. The others are only there to make it hard for actual buyers. A DoS attack is similar to the door of that store, being overrun with requests so as to inconvenience authentic users.

The ultimate aim of 5G is to replace 4G but this issue is a very serious one. As the IoT expands it would need better technology-this case being 5G to help it reach city-wide scales. However, with DoS attacks still possible, it would mean that cybercriminals would be able to ”hack cities” similar to the game Watch Dogs. In the long run we hope the issue is fixed. Subscribe to get all the latest news.



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