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 rooting device app

When you buy an Android phone there are things that the manufacturer allows you to edit. But if you’re the experimental type like me then you need to root your Android device i.e. unlocking bootloader. This is where rooting comes in. Rooting is simply the process of gaining root access on a phone.

Advantages of Rooting

There are many advantages of rooting your android phone. However, there are some risks, but the benefits overshadow the risks. Some of these advantages include:

1. Apps Compatibility

Apps like Set CPU, Xposed Framework, Battery Calibration work only on rooted Android device. These apps are very useful to unlock the full functionality of your Android device when you root it.
You can also install apps that were not compatible with your device.

2. Latest OS Updates for your device

Your device manufacturers might not always dish out software updates. But upon rooting your device, you can acquire custom ROMs developed by Android developers through which you can install the newer versions of your android.

3. Extra Features and Themes

Apps like Xposed Framework let you customize/tweak the UI of your device thus offering a greater experience on your Android phone.

Another example of such apps is Substratum which can change how your phonee looks.

4. Improve Speed and Battery of device

With a rooted device you set CPU speed. You can lower to boost battery life and increase it to boost the performance of your phone . Some apps allow you to control background activity of installed apps. Also, apps like Greenify allow you to temporarily hibernate the apps and only allow them to run when you need them. Isn’t that mind blowing?

5. Flash Custom Kernel and ROM

Many devices have kernels that don’t support certain things. By installing a custom kernel you can add extra features, faster charging, better performance, less battery draining and much more. You can also add features and functionalities by flashing a custom ROM.
I’m sure you finally see the upside to rooting your phone. However, make sure you root your phone correctly so as to avoid bricking your phone. Apps like Kingroot complete the rooting process for you. Check out our other posts here.



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