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What is the Dark Web.

You probably heard this term before. It might sound complicated but it is pretty simple. The dark web is the part of the internet that is not indexed. This means that regular search engines cannot locate them. As such they can be seen as the underworld of internet.

Dark web Dark web

How to Access it.

As earlier mentioned, the dark web is an unindexed portion of the net. Thus you will need special applications to access it. The most prominent is Tor. It routes your requests through different proxies, bouncing it to and fro. Thus making your location virtually untraceable.


Most stones people paint iy to be a hub of sheer evil only.  However that is untrue as even legitimate businesses are conducted there. Some examples of illicit activities that take place in this underground world are:

-Sale of Credit card details.
-Firearms trade.
-Sale of pirated software.
-Sale of personal/company data.
-Sale of drugs.
-You can also hire hackers on the dark web.

Dark web

These are just a few crimes that one can commit using the dark web. Its complexity is what makes it so hard for criminals to be apprehended. In addition to that, it now uses Bitcoin for transactions. This in turn makes the task harder. Luckily law enforcement is getting better and better at handling the issue. For more of our posts click here.



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