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Everyone has most definitely heard of the newest pandemic Covid-19(formally known as Corona Virus). Covid-19 is already affecting 119 countries and over 220,000 cases worldwide. Such numbers are definitely a cause for worry. In trying times like this, false information can be very deadly. It is this situation that has led 17yr-old Avi Schiffman from Seattle to do his bit in helping out by making an informative website. Avi is a junior high student of Mercer Island High school.  He began working on this site back in January when the virus was still in China. The site has a simple homepage that displays facts about Covid-19 that are updated every 10mins. Some facts displayed include:

  1. Total confirmed cases.
  2. Total deaths.
  3. Affected countries.

In addition to all this, the site has an interactive Google Map along with twitter handles for the latest news on Covid-19. Also, the site has information on how to prepare yourself when Covid-19 affects your area of residence. Furthermore all this information can be translated into over 8 languages.



The website runs a script that goes through legitimate news handles o get accurate information about the virus. It has attracted over 2 million unique views and over 100k return views daily. Avi said he has been coding since he was seven and calls the site a wonderful learning experience. He said “My goal is to make the site the best place for information about Corona virus, with multiple sources of data”. The plan is to keep the website running for as long as possible and to improve it as time goes on. He hopes to add a vaccine progress tracker and other features. Check the site and leave a comment. Don’t forget to subscribe for latest news.




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