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Willy Caballero who is Chelsea’s goalkeeper has revealed that French professional footballer N’Golo Kante, tested negative for COVID-19.

Willy disclosed that Kante informed him during a Zoom call that he felt so scared to return to training after he experienced bad symptoms of Coronavirus.

Litifyed recollects that Kante had initially express safety concerns over returning for training during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Kante also decide not to go for the Chelsea’s training last week.

Following the development, Willy told TNT Sport on an Instagram Live chat that, Kante’s action was very understandable.

He said Kante tested negative to the virus, but he went through a hard time during the quarantine with symptoms of the COVID-19 that gave that fright.

Willy Said;

“We respect him, and we will wait until he feels comfortable because the truth is that to do what we’re doing, you have to feel okay and feel confident, and after we start again, we have to all go forward together.”

He mentioned that Kante is a very humble, hardworking, and always a jovial person. Therefore he must have his reasons to say what he has said.

The Chelsea goal Keeper added that;

“We did a lot of Zoom meetings with Frank Lampard and the other players, and he said he didn’t feel safe going back to training because of the way he had felt over the last few weeks.

“We know he’s someone who loves training and running and is incapable of lying about something like this. We support him, and we respect him.”



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