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Cloud The world is constantly evolving. As such more storage is needed for keeping information. Hard disks, memory cards and flash drives just won’t cut it anymore they have many risks accompanying them. Risks such as damage, being lost etc.
That is why the storage media known as “Cloud” has been developed. Cloud Storage is a data storage model where digital data is stored in logical pools. The physical storage(i.e computers storing the information) is spread across multiple servers (atimes in multiple locations). The physical storagebis owned and managed by a hosting company. The cloud storage services keep the data available and obtainable. In a nutshell, it is simply using another person’s computer(preferably having large storage) to store data. It is a game changer in the IT world as companies and users are relived of many storage related problems.

Some of these service providers include Google cloud and Alibaba cloud 

Benefits of using Cloud Storage

Having looked at what “cloud storage” is all about, here are a few benefits that come with using it.

Easy usage and access
Users can easily save files in the cloud storage. It is easy to save all the files and data in the cloud, no technical knowledge is required for this purpose. The stored files can be easily accessed from anywhere worldwide with little effort.

Recovery of Data
Every business needs a backup in case of emergencies. This is because losing important data can have grave effects on any business. This storage is the perfect backup plan for such. It generates a backup for files stored. These files are stored at a specific location and can be retrieved & accessed any time.

Security of data
Users can be confident that once their data is stored in the cloud, it is safe. One great thing about using this is that your data is distributed across multiple redundant servers and the data stored in it is immune to any type of hardware failure. The  servers also have automatic backups to ensure sure that your data is safe.

With these few points it is clear the cloud storage is the future of storing information. It may take awhile to be fully implemented but we’ll definently get there. Soon enough, there will be no need for storage devices like flash drives etc. For more tech posts click here




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