Basics in blogging

You wish to startup a blog right? Wow! That’s a very good idea. But you don’t know the basics of blogging. I used to be a newbie also in blogging. I encountered so much problems But with lots of research online i was gradually becoming better and now am all good to go. So don’t worry this post gat you covered.

Don’t worry guys we will make this very simple and very easy to understand.  Lets get started!.

Why is the blogging community important? by day blogging Is becoming On of the best way of communicating and to spread information world wide

2. Its one of the best way to express your self and the fastest Way to share information Also.

3. When you go into blogging You develop your writing Skills.

4. You can make money while doing it.

We are going to be very snappy as i promised. The following are the 3 basics in blogging

1. Blogger platform

You need to decide on you preferred blogger platform. You need to know where will be the foundation of your blog. For this step we strongly Advice WordPress. Why? This is because They are amongst the biggest blogging platforms in the world. And its is very easy to use.

2. Domain name and host

Most of the blogger platforms like TUMBLR,BLOGSPOT, WORDPRESS. Offers a free Blog this atmosphere Is for those who just wanna get a lil taste of what blogging is about. But on this free blog your web address wont be quite nice. Example

You see its not quite presentable. On the other hand, self hosting Will give you opportunity to name your blog anyway you want.

Whats the price Of hosting And domain name?it not that much the prices ranges from 2$-11$ per month. This is depending on the host provider.

3. Designing your blog

For must of us this might be the best part. Designing you blog but the design on your blog must look professional and very accurate. Don’t put the wrong colour in the wrong place. Also no one likes an  ugly website make sure you use the right theme and make it easy to navigate.


What do you think?

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