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Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are not the same things. There is a bit of difference between them though they bear them similar characteristics.

What Is Virtual Reality(VR)?

Virtual Reality has become really popular due to the emergence of headsets like the HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift. Virtual Reality completely blocks one’s view and immerses them in a completely virtual world. The panels in the VR Headsets are refracted by lenses to give the user an immersive feel be it a 360-degree video or a virtual world. In summary, VR headsets control what the user sees and hears.

VR headset

For both games, apps, and videos, Virtual Reality immerses you in what is being displayed. You could be at home while in the virtual world you are in a business meeting or you could be exploring a distant city.

a virtual world
A virtual world

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What Is Augmented Reality(AR)?

Augmented Reality on the other hand rather than replace your view, puts virtual artifacts in a real human world. Thereby it adds to it. The most popular standalone AR device is the Microsoft HoloLens. AR seems to be more versatile as it can be used on various devices as it doesn’t require much processing power to run.

HoloLens Microsoft 009

A very popular application of AR technology is in Pokemon Go. This game ran on almost all devices as long as they had a camera. The major requirements for AR are the sensors as an increase in sensors give more accurate and detailed view and representation of these virtual artifacts.

The possibilities of AR are limitless. There are use cases ranging from architecture up to fashion and beyond.

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Between these two I don’t think there is any major competition. They are all aimed at accomplishing different purposes. Basically VR replaces reality and AR adds to it. These two technologies take possibilities to the next level but we are yet to see their limit. They can completely change how computers operate in the nearest future.

Got a question or you wanna know more about VR and AR or you got an idea for a possible VR & AR use case? Hit us up in the comments as we always love to hear from you guys.




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