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Reprudencia Sonkey, known professionally as Dencia, is a Cameroonian-born singer, entrepreneur, and fashion designer.  She is also a popular skin bleaching enthusiast.

Following Hushpuppi’s arrest by the Dubai police, Denica takes to her social media page to make a mockery of Rey Hushpuppi.


A few weeks ago, before Hushpuppi was apprehended, he posted on his social media page. Condemning people who bleach their skin as he said they are not allowed to post or show support for the ”Black Lives Matter” movement.


Denica seems to be agitated by Hushpuppi’s words and she also had her moment of vengeance after details of the Instagram Celebrity’s arrest was made public yesterday by the Dubai Police.

She stated that the Instagram celebrity is a loud old man who acts prematurely by demeaning people who legitimately work hard for their money.

okow 2

She wrote on her Instastory ;

At least our bleaching is leagal, we buy and sell legal bleaching without fear of arrest.

He was arrested the day after this post. Yup i caught me sun bwoy. How can you be so loud, old and acting childish and doing illegal shit but always talking shit, demeaning and insulting hard working folks ontop of their money you are stealing.

If you are gonna be a criminal, be a smooth one, you can’t be smart and dumb at the same time. Niggas ain’t street smart, they are social media smart.




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