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Artificial Intelligence
Digital Human Brain.

You’ve probably heard of the term artificial intelligence. Most at times from movies where it is depicted as robots that can go evil. In the inaccuracy of those illustrations lie a bit of truth. First off, what is AI? Airtificial intelligence is a branch of computer science dealing with the creation of machines able to think and act like humans. Simply put, it is the building of smart human-like machines.

Birth of Artificial Intelligence.

The major kick-starter of AI was the famed mathematian Alan Turing. After decoding the Nazi encryption machine, he asked a simple question. The question was, “Can machines think?”. This brought the need to see if Turing’s question could be answered with affirmation. AI seeks to clone or at least simulate human intelligence.

Types of Artificial Intelligence.

AI is majorly divided into two sections, they are:

Narrow AI: aka Weak AI. This usuay operates within a limited boundary. It focuses on performing a specific task in the most efficient way possible. Howver, Narrow AI operates under many limitations

Artificial General Intelligence: This is the type that you see in movies like Star Trek. AGIs are machines with general intelligence and are able to apply it to solve problems just like humans.

Having looked at the types, next up are a few examples of AI :

Smart assistants e.g Siri.
Recommendations from streaming services.
Self driving cars.
Chat bots.

IBM’s Watson.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Applications of AI.

AI is such a dynamic concept. So much so that you can integrate it with virtually every aspect of life. Self driving cars, manufacturing industries, businesses and even medicine use AI tech. Oh yes medicine, there are robots that can identify tumors in seconds. However, this is just a tip of the iceberg. There is much more that can be done with AI, but they are yet to be found.

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