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The viral outbreak of the Coronavirus has claimed and affected a lot of lives and businesses all over the world. The Entertainment and Sports industry is not left out too.

Because everybody is very scared and concerned about the viral disease, some people have used it as an opportunity to make something out of it. Definitely, when somebody sees anything relating to Coronavirus online, he would be tempted to see what is going on.

Must Read – How Cybercriminals may make use of Coronavirus against thousands of victims.

Apple has taken a step to restrict any Coronavirus related app from its App Store to ensure credible and safe information throughout. Apple is tightening requirements for all coronavirus-focused apps, TechCrunch reports.

Apple posted on its developer blog Saturday that points out its review process for applications related to the virus.

Entertainment and games apps relating to the virus are not also left out as Apple is also banning them.

Developers should choose the “time-sensitive event” option when submitting a permissible COVID-19 related app to the App Store to expedite the process since many are focused on alleviating crisis situations. Membership fees for non-profit organizations and government agencies developing apps related to the pandemic will be waived, according to the post.



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