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Apple is looking forward to resurrecting its cancelled Air Power wireless charger project. The project was cancelled almost a year ago. The word was that Apple was finding it impossible to create the pad in such a way that it would not overheat while in use something that is  important when charging an expensive electronics. Well, now it would seem that the pad project is back on Apple’s table..

A Tech analyst Jon Prosser has confirmed from several reliable sources that the project is very much on the way and Apple haven’t switched off its endless dreams of making wireless charging a reality.

Air Power has been abandoned yet. We have no guarantee that the project will be finalized and released. But Apple isn’t giving up easily yet as they are trying to re-engineer the coils to displace heat more effectively.

“Prototyping is on it’s way”

Jon Prosser reported.

Prosser says that prototyping is coming soon, suggesting that Apple isn’t even back to the drawing board it’s more advanced than that.

Although it doesn’t sound like you can expect an imminent announcement of Air Power’s return. According to Prosser’s tweet, the new versions are still struggling to charge the Apple Watch, despite working with AirPods and iPhones – this implies that there’s lot of work Apple’s engineer have to do.

Note that none of the available prototypes support Apple Watch that’s their biggest hurdle right now. They refuse to release a version that doesn’t work with Apple Watch. They’re re engineering from scratch.



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