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Admit it, no matter how cautious you are, having an antivirus installed on your PC is a must. After all, getting rid of cyber-criminals and hackers that roam the internet is still something we dream of. As such, it’s very unwise to leave your device without virus protection.
Cybercrime has been growing which shows the need to ensure that your gadgets are secured.
Malware and viruses are always devising new ways to infiltrate your PC. Thankfully, Antivirus companies constantly update their software to tackle these threats.
Today I have a list of the best five antivirus software out there for use.

1. Kaspersky Anti-Virus

This is a software that focuses on core security fundamentals. Its web filtering stops malicious URLs, the accurate engine also locates and eliminates threats. It’ll also trace malicious actions and reverses them. Although this software isn’t exactly feature-loaded, what is available is efficient. Kaspersky is one of the best at blocking and removing malware from an infected system.

2. Norton AntiVirus Plus

It is a top of the line malware sniffer that can automatically protect your PC. Norton packs many options and settings for those who need them. Along with features like a URL blocker, which keeps you safe from malicious sites. It also has an excellent file service that recognizes odd downloads quickly. It uses current virus definitions to quarantine threats and as a result, secures your system

3. Webroot SecureAnywhere Antivirus

Almost every antivirus claims to be ‘lightweight’, but this one really is. Installation takes only seconds. The program files use no more than 2MB of your space. It uses up little RAM too. Furthermore, there’s accurate real-time antiphishing.  It also comes with a firewall & network monitor and powerful anti-ransomware

4. ESET NOD32 Antivirus

This has malware protection, heuristic detection, anti-ransomware, and URL filtering. It also has modules to prevent attacks that use malicious scripts.

5. Bitdefender

Bitdefender is a reliable virus detector. It has web filtering for malicious sites. Also, the password manager auto-fills credit card details in web forms. Its anti-phishing module alerts you on malicious links in your search engine results.
On top of that, there’s ransomware protection that learns the threat’s behavior. Thus keeping you safe. It can scan all your linked devices via the Bitdefender Central mobile app. However, it is a bit pricey compared to others.

Well, there you have it, the best of the best. Check out other posts



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