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Android 10

Android 10, also known as Android Q was released on September. It is included in new phones such as the Samsung Galaxy A71 and Pixel phones. The new OS comes with many wonderful upgrades and features like a true dark mode. As all new things are, it might be hard getting the hang of Android 10. Hence, here’s a rundown of its best features.

Android 10’s features.

1. Gesture Navigation.

Finally the ability to navigate between apps and your phone using facebook taps & swipes is now possible. This will do away with the need for Androids usual button navigation. Google had toyed with gesture navigation before but it wasn’t until Android 10 that it became fully integrated.

2. Wi-Fi and QR codes.

Connecting to a Wi-Fi network has Beverly been easier. You can now create QR codes for your Wi-Fi or scan QR codes. This feature will come in ready handy for on-the-go-people.

3. Undo App removal.

Ever mistakenly removed an app and later on realised too late? Well Android 10 has a solution for that. With this new OS you have a few seconds after removing an app to undo the action.

4. Location control.

Android 10 gives user more control over how apps use their location data. Previously apps could use location always after you eat accepted once. Now, you can set apps to use your data only when you’re using the app. This will be a major battery saver. In addition, some privacy issues will be handled.

5. Live Caption.

Last but definitely not the least is the Live caption feature. This feature will live-caption any video played even without an internet connection. Activating the live caption is pretty some. Just press the volume button while watching. The slider that appears will have a caption button.

Android 10

There you have it, all the major features of the new Android 10. What’s your take on it? Leave a comment and don’t forget to subscribe.



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