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AMD has announced its Ryzen 4000 series chip for laptops which are the first true 7nm processor for laptops.

This line of chips is mostly geared towards a great performance for laptops and they excel at multi-core processing and therefore will be very good for content creation, gaming, and streaming.

This line of chips offers more performance than the last generation of processors and when compared to the latest generation of Intel processors, it has a major advantage in the multi-threading performance.performance comparism


The integrated graphics in this chip are also very good and efficient. They perform well for light gaming and are really reliable.

The integrated graphics outperform the ones on the Intel 10th generation Ice-lake CPU. At 1080p, low settings, they hit an average of 50FPS in most games and in some games like Fortnite, Rocket League and CS: GO they pass the 60Fps mark. Gaming Performance Of ChipsSadly, they are Vega and not Navi GPUs as a lot of us expected, but has shown they are really good.

AMD also claims that through their infinity fabric technology, the GPU and CPU can communicate with each other and provide more power to the other if, in need i.e for CPU intensive work, the CPU will get more power and vice


The Ryzen 4000 series processors come in a lot of different variations and match different budgets and needs.

The U class comes at 15watt and will be used it budget and thin & light gaming laptops while the H class will be at 45 watts and will be the main muscle pushing whatever is thrown at it. The line of processors has variations ranging from 4c/4t up to 8c/16t.list of variations of cpus

At CES 2020, many laptops with these chips were announced and they seem to show a lot of promise performance and market-wise. Some of the laptops announced include:

  • Asus ROG G14
  • Dell XPS 15 SE

Sadly we haven’t seen any signs of an AMD Ryzen 4000 powered Macbook. I for one really hope Apple plans to release one as it will bring about a variation in their product line and result in greater valued products.


If you are out there looking for a laptop to buy and you haven’t really made up your mind, check out some of these amazing AMD powered laptops and see if they suit your needs.

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section.

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