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Android sure has a weird naming system. This is shown in their latest release. Android 9 Pie. This new operating system is surely top notch and today we’ll be looking at its most interesting features.

Features of Android 9 Pie.

The new OS is loaded with many tweaks. However, the most noticeable is that it revolves around Artificial Intelligence. This means Android wishes to make smarter phones.

1. Adaptive Battery.

Battery longevity has always been an issue for most users. No matter the precautions placed, users always complain. Android 9 Pie aims to be different. Using AI technology, it identifies your frequently and less frequently used apps. That in turn allows it to limit battery usage of those less used apps.

2. Adaptive Brightness.

Using AI, Android 9 Pie lets your phone study how you set your brightness in various environmental lighting conditions and automatically adjusts your screen brightness over time according to your preference.

3. Redefined Media Control.

In older androids, the volume adjustment panel appeared at the top of the screen. Well that has changed with Android Pie. The panel now appears by the right side of the screen. This allows users to conveniently adjust their volume settings.

Android 9 Pie

4. Bluetooth connection.

The Android 9 Pie supports multiple connections via Bluetooth with upto five devices and allows seamless switching between connected devices. In addition, Android 9 will keep the last volume you set for any of your Bluetooth devices and adopt the volume level when next you connect it to your phone.

5. Smart “Do Not Disturb”.

Do Not Disturb mode has been upgraded on Android Pie. Turning over your phoneautomatically turns on the “Do Not Disturb mode”. However, you can get calls from selected contacts. A new ‘Wind Down’ feature also works with the Do Not Disturb mode to help users sleep better at night by greying out the display and turning off notifications.

Android 9 Pie

6. Dashboard.

The new OS  comes with a ‘Dashboard’ which gives you insight on how often you use your device , how much time you spend on the phone. Also, the time you spend in apps, number of notifications you get and more are available.


To know more about Android 9 Pie, check out the official android website. Click here for more of our posts



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