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The Epistle track by Jeblinx has turned the entire Taraba State Entertainment body upside down and has kept everywhere buzzing.

According to Jeblinx, he said

The epistle is an intelligent and highly classified literary composition for the TSEI (Taraba State Entertainment Industry).

Ringing from music, movies, modeling pageantry and lots more.

This also reveals top secret facts concerning issues in the state at large that no one seems bold enough to address it.

A Taraba based blogger from Benue state, Emmanuel has reacted to this strong message sent to the Taraba State Entertainment Industry.

He said,

I am a great fan of Jeblinx and I really appreciate and respect his work and effort right from day one. he has actually proven beyond a reasonable doubt to be the rap god in Taraba state


all jeblinx said about the Taraba state entertainment industry in the epistle song was all true. the industry is not meant for everybody. i see alot of hypocritical behaviour and fake livelihood from the youths on social media claiming to be what they are not and disturbing us. the only thing most of them no how to do is wear a big chains and move around the stadium. everybody wants to be a model, singer just to gain attention.

He also advised that youths to focus more on developing themselves on something else and stop faking to be what they are not.

If the industry is meant for you, and have the skills fine you can carry on. If its not please stop bordering us and focus more on developing your self on something else rather then trying to be what you are not and can not be to avoid making a fool out of your self.

We are tired of the whole vote for miss mumuye and miss lankaviri shit it hasn’t taken you any where



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