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The demand to play AAA titles on the go is the dream of every PC gamer. And this new Handheld PC from Alienware does it with style.

The Alienware Concept UFO looks like a switch, feels like a switch and even has removable “joycons” like a switch. On the PC side of things, it seems to be taking its cue from the Alienware Area 51M and it also runs windows 10!

Performance And Specs

Official benchmarks and specifications have not been released for the Alienware Concept UFO, but the best guess is that it could be running an Intel 10th gen processor or one of the new AMD APU . As for the graphics card, it seems that the GPU used is more powerful than an integrated GPU and to keep the thermal conditions in check it is probably not a top of the line GPU. It could probably be from the Nvidia 16″ series card(1660 or a 1650) or it could be one of the MX GPUs from Nvidia. On the other hand, if it has an AMD APU in it, then we are likely to see maybe Vega graphics or a stepped down Navi graphics in it.

concept ufo with removable joycons


There are two USB Type-C ports on the Alienware Concept UFO and a headphone jack. There are no other extra slots , not even an SD card slot. The Alienware Concept UFO can be docked to existing Dell docking stations and connected to external monitors and storage devices. Even though the removable “joycons” are magnetic, they aren’t wireless. There are also RGB lighting on the logo and under the joycons.Alienware Concept UFO controller 750x422 1

The pricing for this device has not also been announced. And it is not known if it will have any variation or not. But from comparison with other similar devices, the price could range from $450-$900.


The Alienware Concept UFO has a very nice idea and concept. It could turn out to be the PC competitor against the Xbox Series X or The PS5. We hope its performance will be up to mark. What do you think about the Alienware Concept UFO, let us know in the comments.




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