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Artificial Intelligence is set to make the next set of AI chips. Yes, you saw it right. Google has seemingly created an Artificial Intelligence capable of making other AI chips. Google’s chip-making AI system is the newest in a long list of recent AI developments and reports say this is an attempt at making chips best suited for new AI algorithms. The system makes use of deep learning and was developed by Google Brain Researchers.

AI chips

How does the AI chip make other AI chips?


Simply put, the system drastically simplifies the process of making chips for Google’s Tensor Processing unit AI integrated circuits by overseeing the aspect of placement. Placement is the process by which components that make up a chip are placed such that it yields maximum power & performance whilst keeping the chip as small as possible. Placement can be a very hard task and can take weeks even for experts. This is bound to change with this new smart AI system. The system is designed to study and replicate this process using deep learning algorithm so that it can be achieved in a day. This revolutionary discovery will speed up AI development while reducing cost and improving efficiency.


It is amazing to see how far technology has come and we hope to see more and better things in the future. More posts here



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