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When surfing the net you might have heard someone talked about VPN. Or you might have seen someone using it, but you were confused or didn’t see the essence of it. But today we are gonna give you all you need to know concerning  VPN.


VPN, which is full termed or called VIRTUAL PRIVATE NETWORK. is a type of network connection which helps to ensure users privacy when surfing the net. This is done with the help of encryption and many other security measures.



The use of Virtual private networks Are actually legal but not in all parts of the country. reason being that many people now commit cyber crimes with the help of vpn, making them not easily traceable. When the virtual private network is turned on it encrypts your Mobile phone Or PC’s connection to the net thereby It makes you untraceable whenever you are online. When it is enabled your IP address can never be monitored.


Can i be fined or punished if get caught using a virtual private network?

We would advice before using a virtual private network you should check your country’s eligibility,whether you are allowed to make use of  It or not.

How can i identify or know my IP address?

one of the most important things you need to know concerning  Virtual private network after making a connection. Is to check your IP address whether you are connected to your desired location or not. So to  check  your IP address you just need to visit WHOER from your device.

all about VPN

Where can i download a good VPN application?

after knowing  the basics of  Virtual private network you might like to try it out. But you might be scared cause you don’t know the best  application to use. Or you don’t have any idea of where to download it from? But Don’t worry Friends we have you covered On that. We will be introducing to you guys Two Good VPN applications today.


Turbo VPN a very good Virtual private network tunnel. This is because  you don’t need to pay before you access any location. You can connect to your favourite country for free. The most incredible part is that turbo VPN is available both on, PLAY STORE and APPLE STORE you can get them below.

More about VPN
download TURBO for ios devices here
Whats is vpn
download TURBO  for android devices here



Nord Is also a very good Virtual private network. It comes with over hundred (100) locations. Nord can be downloaded form both playstore and also apple store.

what is VPN
download NORD for ios devices here
 about VPN
download NORD  for android devices here






With all those information above we hope you should have known lots concerning Virtual private networks . If not you can also read: beginners guide to using a virtual private network.



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