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The spokesman to President Buhari, Femi Adesina narrates how the late chief of staff to the president, appeared in his dream the night before his death.

According to him, the dream occurred last week Thursday, saying that the late Abba Kyari stood, waiting for him as he wasn’t wearing his usual flowing Agbada and he was heavily bearded

The former chief of staff to the president died last Friday after battling COVID-19.


During Femi’s tribute to late Abba Kyari on Friday, he said he is not much of a dreamer and made nothing of the one in which Abba Kyari appeared until after his death.


He wrote:

“On Thursday night inward Friday, I dreamt. The President and I were in a corridor in the Presidential Villa, and he was talking with me.  Suddenly, by my right, I saw a figure waiting for me to finish with the President.

“It was Mallam Abba, clad in his usual white native attire, with the trademark red cap. But this time, there was no flowing Agbada, which I found rather odd. He never (or rarely) appeared without the flowing robe.

“He was heavily bearded, another surprise, and the beard was all white. I rounded off discussion with the President and yielded space for the Chief.

“I made nothing of the dream, but after he died, I shared my experience with my friend, Mallam Garba Deen Mohammed. “He came to say goodbye to you, and you didn’t know it,” my friend said.

“I didn’t know till then that Garba Deen had the uncommon gift of interpretation of dreams. Well, I now know where to go the next time I dream.”

He also stated that his last contact with Kyari was on Friday, March 20, when Buhari met with Jean-Claude Kassi Brou, chairman of ECOWAS Commission, at the presidential villa.

“A seat had been designated for me, next to that of the chief of staff. A few minutes later, Mallam Abba (as he was often called by us) walked in. I rose to greet him,” he wrote.

“Femi, how are you? They have said we should not shake hands again,” he responded. Rather jocularly, he extended his right foot. I touched his foot with my own, and we both laughed. Leg-shake, instead of a handshake.”

Adesina said they had finished from the meeting and while leaving, he looked back “instinctively” to Kyari and others as they walked behind him.

“Why did I do it? I didn’t know, still don’t know. But it turned out to be my last view of Kyari,” he wrote.

“He was laughing as he talked with the two people beside him. That glance I took turned out to be the very final. About 72 hours later, Mallam Abba was diagnosed with the deadly Coronavirus, which sent him sadly on a journey of no return.”



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