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Are you thinking of being a web developer as a life career but ain’t sure how to break in. Or are you frustrated by the long step it might take you to become a web pro is so, then pay attention because we have 6 secrets to becoming a web developer.

Let’s kick it off with secret number one.

  • You don’t have to go to College

Shocking right?. But don’t get me wrong we are not knocking college off. In fact, college can make you an interesting well-read person and we definitely recommend going.

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However, a college degree is not a requirement for a career in Web development. There are many resources online where you can learn web development skills. Most of them may cost you but some of them are free. The fact is nobody is going to ask for your degree before they give you a web development work although today some companies require a degree to get in it is mostly all out your skills and the work you have done.

In other words, companies are looking for talents and experience rather than a degree.

  • You can take paid contracts as you learn

So web development jobs only require basic skills like HTML codes. You can take this job to build skills even as you are learning more advanced languages like javascript.

It is important to take these jobs for two reasons

  • You get Quality experience to put on your resume
  • You can get extra money to fund your education

how to become a web developer

Secret number three

  • You can learn everything you want to learn online

Traveling for a web development course is totally uncalled for all the necessary courses that can be taken online at a very cheap rate and taught my experts around the world. Even YouTube has lots of free educational content that can help you learn important web development skills.

  • Learn one set of language and learn it well

There are dozens of programming languages out there but guess what, many of them have the exact same function. They are just implemented in different ways. Your goal should be to learn all the programming languages but to completely learn and master one programming language.

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If you are new in the Web Development field we recommend you start with HTML, PHP, and Javascript. Today, these three languages can be used to create just about any website or web application. They are easy to learn and there isn’t a site out there that doesn’t make you of HTML or Javascript.

Next step and secret number five.

  • Know CSS and Know it well

The key to designing a great website is knowing CSS and knowing it well.

CSS is short for Cascading Style Sheet. Many developers spend little time learning CSS yet it is the key to designing a compatible site for both Desktop and Mobile view.

CSS allows control of everything from typography and layout to transitions and animation. We guarantee that if you dedicate more time to learning CSS language it will give you an advantage over the competition whether you are working as a freelance developer or trying to work on a professional studio.

Last but not least secret number six.

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  • Web Development has the lowest barrier entry

Web development has the lowest barrier entry of any well-paying profession. This is because you don’t really need a degree as far as you can write code correctly, make it look good, you will be very eligible for employment.

Somebody can higher you to develop their site if you have a portfolio of work that that shows good quality. Start saving everything you do in a work portfolio you’ll you did one and you can show your, potential employer.


You might have so much interest in the web development career but maybe you are not the type that likes coding. That’s fine you can still be a web pro without knowledge of coding.

All you need to do is learn a CMS platform which WordPress.

WordPress allows you to easily create your website using stunning templates and get online ideas and it is a perfect platform to use if you are not a fan of coding.

So those are the tips you need on how to become a web developer.

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