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 How You-Tubers make money.

Before I started YouTube, my questions all day is “How does You-Tubers make money online?”. How do they get paid and all of the stuff like that?. But later on, I came to realize that YouTube is one of the coolest ways to make money online. What it needs from you is hard work.

So today, am going to explain to you “How You-Tubers Make Money From YouTube”. We’re just going to glance through it to give you a summary of how they make their cool money.

  • Google Ads:

Sometimes, when you’re about to watch a YouTube video, a short clip video usually plays where you’re given options sometimes to Skip Ads.

Thousands of Companies are advertising their product or services and other related stuff with google using a short video to explain whats there offer.

So when a You-Tuber starts monetizing their channel, there pick from available ads offer and place it on their videos, and they are paid $1-$10 dollars per 1 thousand views depending on the location where the video is watched from.

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  • Affiliate Marketing:

Most You-Tubers today don’t much rely on displaying ads on their videos, but selling products through their channel, But the question now is how?.

When they register with an affiliate marketing program, they are given products to promote with certain percentage commission go be paid.

  • Firstly, what they do is, look for a product to promote that has a good niche.
  • Secondly, the short videos with those products with little explanation of what it is.
  • Finally, they place the link to that product right in their Description area then ask the audience to check the description area for the product.

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  1. Promoting Other Channels:

This area is applicable to those that have gone viral on YouTube with a lot of Subscribers and is getting a lot of views also.

Whenever an upcoming You-Tuber sees your channel and wants to grow his channel with you.

  • He contacts you by any means.
  • Then tells you he wants you to promote my channel on yours and.
  • He can pay you a certain amount of money.

Therefore, both of you will discuss the price either per week, day or even months depending on the agreement.


So that is the 3 top way You-Tubers make money online, it’s so simple but all it needs is your hard work.

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