2020: Most technologies to expect

IT Leaders have all over the world have come together To bring to the best 2020 technologies We can ever think of.The world Is already Becoming an internet home where by everybody need the internet and its technologies In their daily activities.

The question remains.

What Are we expecting In 2020 technologies?

Will 2020 technologies Bring more advantages to humans?

Don’t worry fellas We are gonna answers all those based on our research and keeping in touch with those companies.


DRONES Also called unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or can be also called unmanned aircraft systems (UASes).is a flying robot that can be remotely controlled and also can fly automatically. Which can be used in times of WAR. Used by. PHOTOGRAPHERS. Used to INSPECT Humans.

2020 technologies



In 2020 from the mobile Phones section we are expecting lots of smartphone with the 5G connectivity enabled which is gonna be the fastest speed the internet has ever gained to process and receive data. Although some smartphone might have been in 5G enabled since 2019. But we are expecting More from other smartphone.


When people always hear this they always ask how possible can this be? IN 2020 Technologies our biggest expectation  is the driving from home this aspect you don’t need to Ever rush your self to drop your kids Off to school early.  Or taking your wife to work early .And avoiding your morning exercise.With this tech you can drive them from home without you even being in the car.The big question is, IS THIS SAFE? .

2020 technologies


2020 technologies are going to bring more advantages to the world than disadvantages with the help of 2020 technologies lesser stress is gonna be applied to bigger works.  But! You know as they say all advantages comes with a disadvantage. The implementation of 2020 technologies will render some human allover the world jobless.

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