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The Chief Pharmacist at The National Hospital, Abuja has been apprehended for allegedly drugging and rapping a 12-year-old-boy.

The Pharmacist by name, Abubakar Danraka who is a PhD holder is also a Special Assistant to the Director General to the National Pharmaceutical Research and Development, in Abuja.

According to the National Agency for The Prohibition of Trafficking In Persons (NAPTIP).

The Pharmacist was arrested after involving in an*l s*x with the 12-year-old-boy after giving the boy a glass of water that was drugged.

After this disgusting act, the Pharmacist warned the boy no to disclose what had happened it to anybody. But the boy opened up to his mom after she noticed uneasy feeling with him when he got home and queried him.

The boy was rushed to the hospital where the boy was admitted and discharged. Although the suspect denied committing the crime, the evidence gathered suggested he is guilty of the offense.

Subsequent investigation at the home of the suspect also corroborated the narration of the victim especially with the colors of the furniture in the suspects’ sitting room as well as the setting of the place.”



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